This Girl Broke All Stereotypes & Proposed Her Boyfriend In A Dreamiest Way Possible!


Guys going down on their knees and proposing their dream girls is all just too mainstream. This girl has broken all stereotypes and proposed her dream boy in the dreamiest way possible.

Just before the year ended, Aroosh Zahra (the name she is using to hide her identity obviously because of all the hate and sarcasm she was expecting) asked in a public post for the suggestions to propose her boyfriend. She asked everyone to suggest a place where she could take him.

People were very kind to suggest her all the amazing places she could take her guy out to.

Some fell in love with the post itself.

Some people came up with all the crazy ideas.

A few guys were super impressed.

Forever singles ko bohat mehsoos hua.

People wished her good luck for the stunt.

It didn’t just end there and 31st December happened and Aroosh posted another public post. She finally proposed her guy and it wasn’t less than a fairytale.

Awww. Isn’t that just too adorable? No wonder he is the luckiest guy.

Some people just interested in food! LOL

Kuch ko sab topi drama lag raha hai. Its too good to be true no?

People are trolling her for this.

What do you think about the proposal story?