This Girl Narrating True Jinn Stories On Twitter Is Giving Everyone Sleepless Nights


Jinn are creatures made of “smokeless fire” as mentioned in the Holy Qur’an and throughout Islamic mythology. Therefore, we as Muslims have a firm belief that such creatures exist.

While some just believe in their existence, others feel them and even at times see them in different forms. I’m sure we all have came across such people, movies and stories in our lives.

Most of the time, Jinns are portrayed as invisible tricksters who whisper, confuse, and change shape.

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This girl Uruba lives in Karachi and has been sharing her jinn stories, giving all of her followers sleepless nights. She has some strong narrating skills and easily hooks people. Here is how it all began according to her.

We have gathered a bunch of her stories. Read at your own risk 🙂


When we were little, my moms grandmother used to live in this huge house, “kothi” they used to call it. It was in nazimabad karachi, very far away from where we lived, so it was almost like a vacation abroad when we went there. Kothi dated back to the pre partition era, with big verandahs and rooms so many in number you’d get lost. About 14 people lived in it, and there were still rooms locked. 14 and Moonis bhai. I don’t think there was a time at the Kothi where there wasn’t moonis bhai. Jab se hosh pakra, moonis bhai was there. I still don’t know what exactly he was. Servant? cook? khansamah? chowkidaar? family member? renter? no idea But he donned all these caps jisko jo kaam hota, Moonis. kuch kharab hota, Moonis. Our family would leave us kids with no man, but moonis bhai was an exception now the real story so moonis bhai used to sleep in my great grandmothers room, let’s call her bari nani. every night he would arrange his bed on the floor next to her bed & sleep. Or did he? as kids, we always used to wonder, how is moonis bhai forever present? The moment you call, he’s there the second u got hurt, aur koi nai ata tha moonis bhai ajate. We tried climbing the wall in the dead afternoon, he knew. We stole keriyan (unripe mangoes) he knew. It annoyed us so much khair the summer of 4th grade, our house got renovated so we moved to kothi for a month itni koi khushi hui thi na uff khair one morning I woke up bright and early, v hungry so I made a beeline to bari nanis door, to wake moonis bhai I knock and wait, no answer I knock again, no answer I yell at the top of my lungs, MOOONIS BHAIIII NASHTA DE DEINNNN and BAM out of nowhere a chamat lands on my face. Kon hosakta? moonis bhai 🙂 now I want u to know, this was 6 am on a weekend. There was no one when I came out. Na banda na bandey ki zaat & moonis bhai goes, “pagal hogai ho? sare muhallay se nashta mangna hai??” im still in shock over what just happened?? Did he just slap me? I look at him & he seems like he ran all the was from Lhr to Khi I start to cry & he melts. He takes me & feeds me & makes me laugh until everyone else wakes up I tell my mom what happened & like the desi mom she is, “saee mara” is what I get :)) khair fast forward few days & I’m back up early in the morning this time I’ve learnt my lesson & I go finding moonis bhai I look everywhere, no sign than I looked in the empty rooms, no sign all there is left is the locked room, and how will he be there? I consider screaming but the chappair is still fresh 🙂 then I get a stupid idea. What if I get up on the back side of bari nani’s room, look into the small round window & call him? Good idea yes haha lezz go so tiny me does that. I climb & peek through & what I see makes me almost faint there is a FREAKING DONKEY standing in my bari nani’s room a donkey in her room while she sleeps making no noise my god knows how I did not have a heart attack right then & there I slowly climb back down & rush to my moms room, crying uncontrollably ke ghar mein ghada agya hai remember I said this house is huge? yeah imagine a tiny me running sobbing across the main verandah & who do I run into? 🙂 yep 10 points to you moonis bhai grabs me by the shoulders & asks me what happened other people come out I’m calmed down & taken to nani’s room where obviously there’s no ghada at all. Khair it passes off. In the afternoon, bari nani calls me to her room and asks me to explain to her what I say. After I’m done, she tells me to not get out of my room until there are other people up. I say ok & thats that. Everything goes normal vacations pass & there’s just a week left. I think it was a Monday, when it first happened to me. I am asleep, in my room, with my brother & 2 more cousins when I feel a tug at my feet I keep sleeping the tugging continues until I wake up full ready to kill my brother when see a kid standing at my feet smiling I distinctly remember his face, it was so round & pink like a balloon, he wore a dark blue shirt that looked v new I look at him like bro?? which khala/mamus kid are you? when he turns around and starts leaving what would a smart kid do? sleep. or wake up others. what would a dumb kid do? follow him who am I? yep another 10 points to you I open the door to see where he goes & there are 4 more of them, all dressed like they’re out of an oshkosh ad and I say, “tumhari mama ko pata hai tum sou nai raey haan?“and they say haan hum roz khelytey hain yahan, tum kyun nai aatin? & I’m like what?? all set to go off on my mom in the morning so we play. i don’t know what we did. I dont remember what we played. I have been asked, cross examined so many times over this, but I have 0 memory what i do know is, the next morning the whole house looks for me & I can’t be found until moonis bhai opens one of the locked room to find me passed out on a dust covered bed no one knows how I ended up there. Idk. molvis are called by my mamu. Quran & durood are read. Until bari nani calls me again & asks me to narrate. this time, she makes moonis bhai sit there too. I remember all through out she keeps giving him looks & he keeps averting his eyes after I’m done, she calls my mom & says, tum apney ghar jao ab. isko le ke jao yahan se she gives no reasoning, no nothing. but she gives my mom these names of Allah to recite over me every night khair we leave. fast forward all these years, & i grew up reciting those names every night. & when I don’t, well I think the other weird shit that I wrote happens then why do i bring this up now? few years back bari nani passed away. There was a war in the family ke ghar kisko jaey ga, those who’ve lived there their whole life ya the rightful heirs, usual family politics in the middle of all this, 1 morning everyone wakes up & moonis bhai has left. no letter no nothing no address kuch nai pata kahan hain we track him down & one of the neighborhood shopkeepers says k moonis bhai came to say goodbye & that he left “for India” now everyone’s like what?? khair nothing to be done. now back to the facts, as far as I know. when I started experiencing weird stuff more than normal, my father sat me down in front of a v learned scholar type person & he questioned me from my earliest memory to my latest this is what he told me. Yes, you all are right. Moonis bhai was a jinn. But not a definite jinn. He was from a class of jinn called the Qareen, who are like shadows to some people or something like that (Google for details) His name was not Moonis. Moonis means companion, & bari nani gave it to him. The house my mom’s family moved into was his. before partition it was empty & he lived there with his family until mine came along & decided to live in it they made a pact to give them shelter, & divided the rooms we didn’t know but those rooms were NEVER EVER opened chahey jitney guests ajaen. Those kids were from his family. The donkey I saw was probably him, he was attached to bari nani & would not leave her side. And some very weird shit must have happened that Monday night in that locked that made me hyper aware to these beings the whole family left for India when my family started bickering. sad I know & thats about it.

2. The Bride

1st year of medical school I was doing observership at a hospital now I know everyone makes a fool out of the new young kid but well they told me that the 3rd floor used to be the psych ward before it was shifted to another building the people kept there were max security so after shifting, the ppl working there could still hear the screams of patients specifically one..this was a bride who was in an “accident” on her wedding night her susraal said it was an accident but the girl kept waking up and saying they tried to kill her she died soon after A month later people started seeing a woman in a red wedding dress in the hallways khair I laugh it off haha dr osama don’t try to scare me what’s more scary is your selection of ties moving on.. few weeks pass by & me being the over enthusiastic kid wants to stay a night & see what happens okay everything set & I stay at the hospital for a night shift so around 2 in the morning the dr on call asks me if I want to go down & get coffee or someth I say sure why not on our way back she meets someone & starts chatting so I head up alone now I’m sipping my coffee lost in my thoughts & i think I’m on the 2nd floor when I hear a shuffle like curtains against the floor now it could be anyone, it’s a hospital, yk I walk a few more steps and hear the shuffle again so I cough & take out my phone This when I hear PAYAAL. I hear payal in the hospital stairway… inner me is screaming but outer me keeps sipping her coffee trying to fool her ears that no?? some dr can also wear payal??? ok? calm down,, now Im standing there in the middle of the stairs, if I should go on or run back down to the dr this could well be a prank & I’m looking like a fool rn so I think I’m doing this when someone opens the door above me & comes out It’s a cleaner & I don’t think he’ll ever know I almost hugged him khair I try not to run up the stairs & reach the 3rd floor. I’m in no mood to be alone so I go & sit with the nurses, wiping my sweat all’s cool ab, I don’t say anything to anyone & the night passes on smoothly now its almost Fajar & everyone whose not asleep is going to pray, there is just me & 2 nurses on the entire floor I walk toward the drs toilet but its being used, so I decide to go to the patients one it’s across the floor, outside the glass doors so I’m all alone shuffling along when I stg i feel SOMEONE TAP MY SHOULDER no kidding I think I peed myself I turn back around like The Flash,,,, & the floors empty it is empty like no living thing empty I don’t think I’ve ever run faster in my entire life so I reach the toilet, bang the door & lock it(idk what I was thinking, like ghosts cant pass through doors sheesh) I get my breath back, relieve myself, wash my face, & go to open the door when… yk, when u can see someones shadow under the door? like you can tell someone is standing? yeah that And I say to myself, dude it’s okay it could be a patient, just open the door but then why didn’t they knock?? now I’m starting to lose it & I’m cursing myself & Dr osama & everyone I can remember so I start reciting ayat ul kursi & open the door jhatkey se And there’s no one outside…. now I’m standing there measuring how far away is the doctors room & how many seconds will it take when… I hear THAT DAMN PAYAL AGAIN. now this I’m 100% sure it’s not human by this time I full on start CHANTING ayat ul kursi imagine someone standing in an empty doorway in a whit coat almost screaming ayatulkursi forget ghost brides, id be scared of that so I can myself, & start walking towards the door that’s when I see a woman’s hand, in full mehendi & chooriyan, pushing open the door. I swear to god, I have never been more sure of my death than in that moment. I just freeze, waiting to see if she comes through, thinking this is it uruba this is how you die of a cardiac arrest idk how long passed while I stayed in the middle of the hallway & that hand at the door Im just distinctly aware that im crying badly now & not just my face my whole body is wet a few moments pass by, I blink & the hand is gone. but for good measure I still keep on reciting I keep at it for a few minutes just to make sure. when nothing happens, I start walking again. idk how freaking long that hall is that its not ending im almost at the door when I feel like there is someone standing in front of me, like in a queue I try to walk again but nope now I start to cry with audio “please khuda ke liay mujhey janey dein mein tou doctor bhi nai huun mein itni choti hun please mujhey janey dein” & then I start reciting Yaseen ba awaz e buland & I go “mein hafiz hun please chor dein mujey” Ik how pathetic it sounds idk how long that goes & ik there’s no point in screaming bcause everyones gone for namaz, remember? And then I go, uruba u fool just turn around & walk the other way?!?!? so I turn around & without any obstruction keep walking until I get to the stairs & then run & run & run until I reach the ground floor & maybe I would have kept running until I left the hospital all the way home if the guard wouldn’t have stopped me asking if I was right idk what I told him or what happened but he sat me down in my chair & called someone up by this time the sun is coming up & I see drs coming back from masjid they stop where I’m sitting & ask me what’s wrong & I just burst out crying again khair long story short, they had to send my stuff down cus I wouldn’t go up & I called my mom at 6 in the morning sobbing & asking her to come pick me up. and this is how guys I almost died at the hands of a crazy ghost bride & now get anxiety everytime i see a hand with mehendi & gold bangles. For 2 straight weeks I kept hearing the payal…

3. Sila

So my mom used to teach in a school in Shiri Jinnah colony Karachi, quite some time back. It wasn’t very well developed back then, khaali plot waghera kaafi thay Shirin Jinnah colony is a predominantly pakhtun neighbourhood. My mom’s a pure bred pakhtun but she doesn’t speak the tongue, also at that time my mom had a somewhat British accent because she was brought up pardes(remember both these things) Khair with mama, taught a teacher, who lived in Shirin Jinnah and used to walk there This teacher, mama tells, was one of the most beautiful women she’d seen. She was tall & strong, had lips & cheeks so pink & eyes such a blue she didn’t need any makeup ever Her name was Sila. Now she didn’t have many friends but talked to mama becasue she said mama looked like one of her own (Yes my mother is very pretty :”) khair mama used to drive back. so one day she sees Sila, who was usually one of the last to leave, walking on the side of the road now mama is confusion Why is she alone? this road is sunsan. the sun is burning down. where is her family? because mama had assumed she went with someone, like I said it wasn’t a populated place so mama stops the car and says, “Sila mein apko kaheen chordun?” & Sila stops and turns… and mama says she thought her vision blurred for a second because there was no one in the chadar.. it looked like it was just a hollow where the face should have been… khair then Silas face sweeps in & she’s says “arey nai, mein yaheen rehti huun bus” mama insists garmi hai but she doesn’t accept. Khair mama gives in & drives on looking back in the rear view mirror this happens a few more times, & mama learns not to ask her since she gets very anxious Now one day something gets in mama, & she goes all the way to end of the road, & loops back Shes on the same road she just came from, just the other side and theres no sign of ANYONE. NADA. Where is Sila?! Did she dig a hole in the ground in 30 secs?? like every amma, she starts to get waswasey someone took her. she parks at the side, gets out & starts shouting SILA SILA SILA SILALALALAL no answer SILA KAHAN HO no answer ALLAH KE WASTEY, JAWAB DO SILA “jee ma’am?” mama says she almost had a heart attack when she heard that calm voice from behind her “Kahan thi tum?? Kahan se aaei ho? Jawab kyun nai de rai thi?” & Sila points to the side “yaheen” & mama stares at her seriously (like shes her aulad) says, ” Sila, I scanned the whole road. I didn’t see you” now remember I told my mom had a British accent? ya. Sila replied in that SAME ACCENT & MAMAS VOICE “I was right here, u did see me” mama had never heard her speak like that. She spoke like a normal Pakistani. Mama said it felt like she was talking to herself on the phone. Khair mama is hot & mad. So she says fine, & goes back to her car. When she sees in her mirror, Sila is fixed on her car, unmoving. To mama, it’s not her business & she keeps away from Sila & she does the same. Now few days later there’s a teachers farewell, & they all decide to go out. Except Sila. Why? She isn’t allowed by her family. It’s okay, acceptable excuse, conservative family. they head out they go to a place near bilawal house. Khair they have lunch and all. A few teachers leave since they have to pick up their children, including mama Now as mama leaves for her car, she smells something very familiar on the restaurants gate but it doesn’t click Khair she leaves. She’s at her car, when she sees a shadow pass by… It’s not human, it’s not an animal, its not a car Mama turns her head & theres nothing She opens the car door & again feels the shadow. She sits down & looks in the car. Nothing. But whats different? the smell its that smell again. she cant place it, but she knows it right then, theres a tap at the window. a pakhtun beggar boy. mama rolls down her window to give something but before she can, he starts speakng quickly in Pakhto, pointng to the back of the car he has vry familiar eyes.. mama motions & I think says “pukhto na raazi” :p the boy then says “ma’am saab gaari mein bitha lein” hain? what? khair she laughs & gives him some money, but he shakes his head & repeats again when mama gets annoyed & rolls up her window, HE OPENS THE DOOR & SITS INSIDE Maa goes “AAAA GAARI SE BAHAR NIKLO” and presses the horn to attract people & the kid looks at her with piercing blue eyes & quietly says “I was right here, you did see me” in mamas voice & accent.. (yeah I lost it too at this point) and he gets out of the car & leaves. Idk how my mother sat in the car after that, mein tou gaari kisi deewar mein ghusa deti ya paidal ghar bhagna shuru kardeti khair mama says she was thinking the boy was part of a thief gang, before he said that. then he noticed the smell had gone too.. right then, she takes her phone out & dials Sila (the woman is crazy(read:brave) I know) she doesnt answer mama keeps calling no answer. mama recites her duas, and drives home. she contacts some naek elder, & tells him everything. He tells her some duas for protection but says she won’t be harmed Khair mama goes in the next day all set to go all FBI on Sila ….& she learns Sila has resigned. Now mama is highkey scared. She confides in the principal. She says its my moms wehem, theres nothing wrong. Khair. My mama keeps a trusted taxi wala instead of driving herself Fast forward a week & she’s in taxi at the Shireen Jinnah roundabout when a kid, yep the same kid comes & taps on her window, smiles & says “daro mat mujh se SISTER. ab nai daro” & leaves yeah, a 7 year old called my mom sister. After that, nothing happens. Now, I want you all reading this to go on Google & search “Sila” or “who the Sila are” do it during the day okay. or u wont sleep like I didnt. Also I think my mother didnt share some things, thinking it would scare us. Last thing, my phone blacked out for 2 whole minutes writing this it didn’t hang, the screen went black AND THAT HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE.