Incident Proves If You Are Powerful You Can Get Away With Anything In Pakistan


The idea of might is right perfectly fits on our country.

In Pakistan, if you have the power you can get away with literally anything. The rich and powerful get perks and privileges the rest of us do not: preferential treatment, access to things common people can only dream of, and the ability to kill people and not spend the rest of their lives in jail.

This civil servant ran over and killed a 65-year-old man.  How conveniently she manipulated the whole situation is shocking for us.

Miss Azooba is currently serving as Assistant commissioner Sambrial district Sialkot. She hit an old man with her car while he was crossing the road. Later on, she manipulated the whole scene by getting a statement written on oath from the deceased man’s son.

The statement says,

“It was just an accident and nobody’s fault. The family of the deceased does not want to take any legal action and they are not being forced or pressurized to give this written statement.”












Every sane person can see what exactly happened here.

But unfortunately, no one could do anything.

People are angry and disappointed.

How is she even going to live with this guilt?

Some people want the Chief Minister and Chief Justice to take action as soon as possible.

More like Qatil!



We hope someone takes notice of the incident and make such powerful criminals accountable.

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