This Is How These Zodiac Signs Say ‘I Love You’ Without Actually Saying It


We have always played that guessing game where we cannot decide how attracted our crush is to us. Or if they love us? Or maybe not? It gets pretty annoying at times. Admitting and confessing love to someone is a hard job after all.

However, an easy way to understand where your crush is coming from is through their zodiac sign. Read below to find out how your crush is actually confessing his love for you without actually saying it out loud.

1. Aries

Aries khuli kitaab hain. They are blunt and straightforward in their life. If they are in love with you, they will do grand gestures to show you the depth of their feelings. They’ll sweep you off your feet instantly and show it through a LOT of physical affection. You’ll be the centre of their world.

This Is How He Says I Love You Without Saying It, His Zodiac Reveals...

2. Capricorn

Capricorns will never let you guess their feelings unless they themselves are sure about it. But once they accept their feelings for you, you’ll know by the interest they show in your life and work, pushing you to always do better and achieve more. They want you to do things your way. But only when they think they have a right over you.

10 how he says I love you capricorn

3. Cancer

They will be super protective for you if they really care. This behaviour is what lets you know that you are their beloved. They’ll pamper you to no extent – making breakfast in bed for you, making sure you’re always comfortable and walk you to your car.

4 how he says I love you cancer

4. Leo

They’ll shower you with so much affection and attention that soon you’ll be swept away with these grand gestures. A Leo man loves spoiling you and show you off because he’s a proud man by nature and loves to show the world the woman who has managed to capture his heart.

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5. Virgo

Virgos are shy but they will loosen themselves around you if they really like you. They show their love not through words but through actions but not grand gestures. They will be really attentive towards you and will help you with your problems. Slow but extremely loyal lovers they are.

6 how he says I love you virgo

6. Pisces

Its all in their eyes. There will be a deep emotional connection between you two right from the start. But the key to their true feeling is their eyes and the way they look at you.

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7. Aquarius

Don’t expect romantic gestures from an Aquarian. His idea of showing love to you is involving you in his weird stunts. These people are known for maintaining a distance so if they are physically affectionate, they are totally smitten by you.

11 how he says I love you aquarius

8. Saggitarius

They are known to be free spirits but if you are the one who keeps them grounded, they will fall for you. They love socializing around and meeting new people but if they love you, you will always be their go-to person.

9 how he says I love you saggitarius

9. Gemini

Born flirts. They are the most difficult ones to be guessed. But if they love you, your conversations with them will be deep and meaningful instead of general small talk or shallow discussions! If they are coming back to you, again and again, you should know a Gemini has fallen for you.

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10. Taurus

These people do not open up easily. They’ll give you meaningful gifts, be loyal to a fault, pamper you and tell you things that no one else knows about them. If you are the one for them, you will have to hold all their secrets.

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11. Libra

They are made to love and be in partnerships. All their romantic gestures will make it so evident that they’ll never even have to utter the three magical words, which they will say nevertheless!

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12. Scorpio

If they flirt with you, they are truly interested because they wouldn’t do it with just anybody. There’s another way to know if they love you – their possessiveness. You are all theirs and they are NOT open to sharing!

8 how he says I love you scorpio