This Is What Every Forever Single Thinks After Attending A Desi Wedding

  • I think I am overly dressed for this wedding. Yes, you always have these second thoughts about your dress and makeover. Loag yeh he na samjhein kay iski apni shadi hai.

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  • Fucking couples, stop being so chipku. Jahan dekho newlywed couples aik doosray ko chipak chipak kay selfies lay rahay hain. Shadi hai kisi ki, apka honey moon nahin.

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  • There are a few cuties… Line karwaoon? But what if they’re my distant cousins? Khandan ka bhi toh pata nahin kahan kahan phela hua hai. Pretty much anyone here could be my cousin. But that one is so so cute…

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  • OMG, why am I being introduced to this aunty? Secretly rishta pakka karne ki tayari toh nahin chal rahi? I should have stayed home.

  • Goddamnit, what is the food, BRING ON THE FOOD ALREADY. I literally only came for the food. Bhaar mein jayen sab.

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  • Poor couple. Everyone here knows they’re getting laid tonight LOLOL. EW I JUST HAD A VISUAL EW SHAME ON ME. I wonder though. Will the bride, like, wash her makeup off when she goes home? Or they’ll just start right away?

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  • Maybe I should go and congratulate the bride and groom? Maybe not. Why is this so awkward?