This Pakistani Woman Is Claiming To Be Donald’s Trump Daughter & We Are Confused


Pakistan mein kuch bhi ho sakta hai. KUCH BHI!

While the relationship between the two countries USA and Pakistan is deteriorating, cross-cultural marriages are at an all-time high. Kyun k pyar toh andha hota hai.

Yeh pyar US President Donald trump ko bhi hua. That too, with a Pakistani woman! We know it’s hard to believe. But his own daughter is a living evidence of it.

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Ammara Mazhar from Lahore is claiming to be Donald Trump’s daughter.

Seeking justice, Ammara reached Supreme Court Lahore Registry yesterday. She is pleading Chief Justice to send her back to her father, Donald Trump.

She claims that Trump married her mom and used to call her an irresponsible woman.

Clad in a black burqa, Ammara says she is a very serious person and she is a Muslim.

You’d be thinking if she is Trump’s daughter, how did she end up in Pakistan?

Ammara says she was kidnapped in her childhood. She then walked the whole world aur ahista ahista Pakistan pohanch gayi. I mean this is seriously some hilarious stuff!

She also talks about Uncle Shehbaz Sharif who apparently helped her when she got stuck in India. LOL

What Donald Trump said to her is another story.

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According to Ammara when she talked to Donald Trump about it, he said I have given all the money to Pakistan’s Politicians so you better go back to Pakistan now and come back later. But now Donald Trump misses her and she misses him too. This is the reason she wants to go back to US.

People are going crazy over this woman’s claims.

We are sure about that!

We totally agree. She needs help.