This Photoshoot Of A Pakistani Shoe Brand Is Inhumane & Seriously WTF?


The fashion industry is one crazy expedition where you will witness faux pas every other day. While risk-taking in fashion is always lauded, one should bear in mind that it should not come off as borderline misanthropic. But apparently, Pakistani fashion photographers did not get the memo. Stylist and fashion choreographer Yasser Abdul Aziz Dar’s latest editorial called GLITCH has garnered some unwanted attention for this reason. 


In an attempt to look overly edgy, this recent photo-shoot for Grazia Pakistan has landed itself in hot water. Pictures from this photo-shoot show model Anam Malik’s troubled face under model Sadaf Kanwal’s shoe clad foot. Another picture in the same setting shows Kanwal’s foot resting on Malik’s collarbone area.  

These pictures have created a massive uproar amongst the general public, who are calling the entire photo-shoot out for promoting foot fetishism and violence against women.  

Comedian Ali Gul Pir brought this photo-shoot to everyone’s attention by posting said picture on his social media accounts. Known for hilarious takes on over-the-top fashion, Pir called out this marketing strategy in a typical Ali Gul Pir sarcastic manner, and gave rise to a charade of colossal outrage by the public.

Moments after the photos were made public, many people expressed their distaste over the entire concept behind the photo-shoot. 

They even blamed Sadaf Kanwal and Anam Malik for partaking in such a heinous project, in a society where women are already belittled so much.

Many called out the flawed mindsets prevailing in the entertainment industry.

While some had better ideas for the photographer.

This severe backlash made Yasser Dar acknowledge the hate, and he took to Instagram to chime in with his two cents.

 “Thanks for all the hatred I got, I really appreciate it. But I’m not going to justify and delete this picture. If you don’t like it, then just don’t like it. Don’t double tap. It is as simple as it sounds. Thanks. I’m not providing some public service here that you can come to my profile and boss me. My work is my art and I respect it. Thanks for your irrelevant concern.”

The model in question, Anam Malik, also appeared nonchalant over the entire debacle, as she wrote:

“Kuch toh log kahain gy, logon ka kaam hai kehna.”

However, the final word is photographers should be mindful of what poses perpetuate something distasteful, as our society is easily influenced and misogynistic at best.

Maybe someone needs to tell them this isn’t what putting your best foot forward means…

But do you think this is too much of an overreaction? Let us know in the comments!