This woman from Karachi is now pleading Sushma Swaraj after being rejected Indian Medical Visa twice!

Aleem Junejo

It was just 4 months ago, life looked like a fairy tale. My husband Aleem Haider Jonejo and I Maria Abdullah felt as if we are the happiest couple on the face of this earth. Our jobs were great and we both loved working in our organizations. He works for Allied bank and I work for a reputable school Generations.

Aleem Haider, a banker by profession and husband of Maria was recently diagnosed by third stage lung disease. According to the hospital the only cure was to conduct a cardio-pulmonary transplant. Sadly no such facility is available in Pakistan and she had to look for foreign hospital for this treatment. Indian being one of the most viable option the couple started preparing documents, sending in their reports and raise funds for the treatment. All was set but the Indian embassy rejected the visa request, the couple applied again the very next day to be rejected again after two weeks.

After two weeks of my second visa, my husband received a call from Indian High Commission Islamabad and the officer Parkash said that we must not apply for visa again as we are not allowed to get medical visa if we are going for lungs transplant. I was shocked. It had been two months now that we were waiting for the visa. The man spoke to me (later) so rigidly and slammed the phone. Aleem was feeling very low that day. We were disheartened. Parkash was kind enough to keep the passports with him for a couple of days and gave us a little room to contact Sushma Swaraj and get special permission.

The story has been shared on Facebook with substantial retweets from both Pakistani and Indian Nationals getting her enough social media hype.

After trying for months, getting all the social media support she could. Five days ago she posted a video tagging Shahrukh Khan, The High Commission of India and Sushma Swaraj in her tweet.

The Indian High Comission has replied to her tweet asking Maria to email them all the relevant documents. We wish Maria good luck and her husband a very speedy recovery!