Over Efficiency Or Incompetency? Three Ministers Of Naya Pakistan Who Got Carried Away


Nothing seems to be going right for PTI right now.

It seems like some of PTI’s ministers don’t even know basic maths. And the others are just too slow to make sound statements.

Here are three ministers of Naya Pakistan giving ridiculous statements. They really need to wake up and think twice before making any statement or saying anything at all. Maybe hire someone more competent?

1. Fiaz ul Hasan Chohan

First we have our very own Punjab’s Information Minister, Fiaz Ul Hasan Chohan.

He claimed that Pakistan is a victim of $1000 billion money laundering.


Abbas Nasir’s explains perfectly what is wrong with the Punjab Information Minister’s statement.

Yes! He needs a lesson in maths, basically.

Users on twitter tried to give him that lesson.

We think they managed to get their point across pretty well.

But maybe Fiaz can hire a math tutor? A fifth grade level student would be sufficient.


2. Sheikh Rasheed

Sheikh Rasheed also needs a lesson – in thinking twice, perhaps?

He ordered the auctioning of 100 railway rest houses.

Amazing no?

There’s only one slight problem in that noble plan.

There are 11 rest houses only.

And they don’t even have 100 rooms put together.

Officials told him that it is impossible to execute his orders.

In reply to this blunder by Rasheed, several people took to twitter to criticize him.

Sheikh Rasheed you mean?

We can’t stop face-palming at his statement.

We shudder to think of the condition of railways with a man like him in charge.

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3. Fawad Chaudhry

Then there’s our extremely genius information minister Fawad Chaudhry who is a lawyer by profession.

The information minister is trying to use information from Google to bring tabdeeli.

After being trolled on social media for defending Imran Khan’s use of helicopter, claiming that it is much cheaper than a car since it costs Rs. 50-55 per kilometer, he clarified that he Googled this brilliant piece of information.

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People just felt hopeless at this point.

Information Google Minister?! LOL

Which of these Ministers made the biggest and funniest blunder?

Let us know in the comments!