Trailer of Mehwish Hayat’s Upcoming Web Series ‘Enaaya’ Finally Drops & We Just Can’t Wait!


More often than not, Mehwish Hayat has proved her acting chops on TV and on the big screen and has made quite a bankable name for herself in the industry. Her feature film Load Wedding (2018) gradually became a cult favourite, even though it failed to peak at the box office because of scheduling clash with bigger hits. And we’re all familiar with what an incredible singer she is. About time she combines all of her talent and brings forth something unique to the screen.

It looks like Hayat is ready to spread her wings out and step into the internet biz with her new web series, titled Enaaya.

The project is headed by Wajahat Rauf, of Karachi Se Lahore and Lahore Se Agay fame. Hayat will be playing the titular character, while Azfar Rehman, Asad Siddiqui, and Faryal Mazhar are also featured in prominent roles.

The trailer of this highly anticipated project just dropped and be assured, it is anything but boring. Seeing the same old saas-bahu tropes on tv, the fans are craving something out of the box and extraordinary, and something that pleases the young audience. And judging by the trailer, this web series aims to do exactly that!

It shows a group of university friends who also happen to be aspiring musicians, who come across Enaaya and her impressive vocals. With her on board, they strive to make it big in an upcoming competition. There also seem to be some ups and downs, as the character Faryal, who is one of the members’ girlfriend, isn’t exactly fond of Enaaya. Some drama and a catfight are totally in the books!

It surely is refreshing to see Pakistanis branching towards lighthearted sources of entertainment, which in turn prove to be a roller-coaster ride. The likes of such a genre have been explored by Hollywood, so let’s see how Hayat and her clan portrays this musical adventure.

However, the drawback is that this web series will only be available for Eros Now subscribers, when it will drop on January 21. Till then, watch the trailer below and let us know how you like it!