Travel Blogger Calls India ‘Poorest And Most Over Crowded Country’ & This Is Why She Had To Delete The Post


Blogging is definitely the ‘IN‘ thing these days. People follow their favourite bloggers religiously.

Travel bloggers have now paved a way into the most hidden wonders of nature. Most of the remarkable travel destinations in Pakistan and India are now famous because of them.

However, one blogger visited India recently and after a mishap, she didn’t have very good reviews of the country.

‘MindBodyColleen’ visited Jaipur, India recently and in a series of events she lost her ‘expensive’ iPhone X!

She was very worried she won’t find it as no one there would know how to use it. LOL

She also had the audacity to say that the cell phone was worth more money than some people in the country have ever seen in their lifetime!

Huh?! Hello, haven’t you seen Padmavat and all those Sanjay Leela Bhansali movies? Indian people lived like that for real in the past.

Also, she called India the poorest and overcrowded country she has ever been in…(overcrowded, maybe yes) and the city is the scummiest.

Ironically, the person who returned her the lost ‘Expensive iPhone X’,

  1. Knew how to use it AND had an iPhone X too

2. Didn’t ask for anything in return other than her blessings

Achayi ka tou zamana he nahi hai!

Jokes apart, she faced a lot of backlash on her posts and deleted her posts and Instagram account! She wrote an apology and claimed that her words were twisted and a wrong perception was put forward.

People are still furious and they won’t accept the apology this easily!

However, across the border in Pakistan, we’ve had lots of foreign travel bloggers visit our tourist destinations too and lucky for us, they love it!

From the beauty to the delicious food and incomparable hospitality of our people, they always return back happy and content with their tour. YAYY

Shabash Pakistaniyoun!