Upgrading Your Wardrobe? Here Is How You Can Make Use Of Your Old Clothes


There is a lot of people including children living on the roadsides, in slums, facing chilling winters or scorching heats feel the same cold and heat like we do but unlike them, we are privileged to sit inside our homes with heaters and ACs. Many children and underprivileged people die because they are not able to cope with the winters and they have no proper clothes to keep them warm.

Ever thought of donating the old pair of jeans or shalwar kameez in your wardrobe that you hardly wear anymore?

Usually, people throw their old clothes out. Their Old pair of jeans which one no longer fits in, an old sweater that is either too loose or too tight, a used faded colored t-shirt and all such clothing we discard because it is just outdated and not according to the latest fashion. You do that too right?

You might want to donate it all, but the problem is how to find those who would be needing our clothes?

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To solve this question, Akhuwat foundation came up with an amazing idea of ‘Clothes Bank’ where the plan is to collect long-standing clothes that can still be used and make those available to the needy, free of cost! Isn’t that incredible?

Akhuwat clothes bank was set up in May 2014. The objective of this bank is very simple – it collects clothes from the people who no longer need them, repairs them if need be, washes and dry cleans and distributes them among the poor and needy people.

Akhuwat is a non-governmental organization, compassionately running on improving the lives of the underprivileged, people that are financially abused, abandoned and not noted via the society. It provides interest-loose loans to assist the below-served communities to collect a respectable livelihood.

Another vital factor of Akhuwat clothes bank is the engagement of trans-genders in the processing of clothes gathered from the donors. Garments collected from the donors are sorted, repaired, stitched and packed by way of the trans-genders employed at the organization. That way this neglected section of our society is being given employment opportunity. How noble!

Akhuwat has reached a milestone of collecting around 2,000,000 garments in an insignificant time period of three years.  

Do you want to donate that torn tee of yours for this noble cause? Drop your clothes at any Akhuwat branch all over Pakistan. Clothes collected at all the branches are then dispatched to Akhuwat’s Lahore based Head Office for processing and the of Akhuwat helps in identifying the needy families, via their database of borrowers. 

Dr. Amjad Saqib (CEO of Akhuwat) is doing a commendable job for the needy and transgenders. If we have several such clothes banks, it would be a notable help especially in instances of natural disasters (floods, earthquakes etc) since it would be easy to mobilize clothing to the affected people.

In fact, why just the clothes bank? We can have a furniture bank, utensils bank, footwear bank, etc. Do you like the idea? Let us know in the comments.


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