Ushna Shah Just Got Abusive With A Troll On Twitter & Woah!


Wicked and clever women seem to be the favourite characters of Pakistani drama writers. Nigaar from Balaa is leading them all these days.

ARY’s new drama Balaa tells the story of chalaak larki Nigaar (Ushna Shah) who is a spoiled, self-centered young woman. Her personality has been stunted less by her actual disability than by others’ reactions to it. The limping Ushna is a materialistic, middle-class girl, trying to steal a lifestyle she can’t afford.

However, the reaction of viewers is not probably what Ushna was expecting. People are obviously hating her for all the negativity of her character. Obviously, when she is working so hard to prove herself evil, she expected a little appreciation. But for the viewers, whats evil is evil.

This is what someone tweeted about Ushna.

Probably she was trying to talk about Ushna’s character? Well, it is pathetic. But Ushna didn’t take the criticism so well.

She got abusive.


People are trying to correct Ushna that it was just about the character she played.

But Ushna didn’t stop there.

STFU? Tch Tch! Weren’t you supposed to be a role model Ushna?

And again.

Easy girl! It’s just about the CHARACTER which was meant to be hated.

People are grilling her for being abusive with the fans. They are trying to give Ushna some sense.

What do you think about Ushna’s attitude?