Ushna Shah Is Under Fire For Her Sexist Remarks For The Pizza Delivery Boy!!


Celebrities have the power to influence and inspire thousands through their opinions. However, sometimes they just don’t prove to be the sharpest tool in the shed. Recently actress Ushna Shah took to her Twitter handle and wrote that the pizza delivery guy had refused to come inside her house because he was scared of her Pitbull dog.

Not his fault though. Pitbulls ARE SCARY!!

Ushna admitted that she told the delivery guy that ‘he should become a man’ and that ‘he was not a four-year-old girl’.

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“Marrd banein”, “aap ek chaar saal ki bachi nahee hein”, “mardaangi peida Karein” – some of the sexist and demeaning things I said to my 2:30am pizza delivery guy to convince him to bring pizza inside as I held my barking and growling Pitbull back.”

She further added, “Little did he know if he had simply come in calmly and had I let her go she would have just sniffed him and given him kisses.

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In another tweet, the actress claimed that as soon as she mocked the delivery boy’s masculinity, he came inside.

Soon after her not-so-smart tweet, quite a backlash started over how Ushna Shah has belittled a poor guy and many asked her to apologize.

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While Some demanded an apology straightway.

This guy thinks it was just an attention-seeking stunt by the actress and people should stop giving her just that.

Some stated the obvious that it is natural to get scared of a dog, especially breeds like pit bulls can be intimidating for outsiders.

However Ushna Shah came up with a long explanation for the sexist remarks she made for the pizza delivery boy, but people didn’t seem to buy any of it.

Ushna Shah definitely could have chosen wiser words to convey her thoughts. May the better sense prevail in the future.