Twitter Is Enraged Over Usman Dar’s Comments Against Pashtun Workers & Its Time To Apologize


PTI officials haven’t proved to be very canny while voicing their opinions over prevailing issues.

Be it Firdous Ashiq Awan calling an earthquake a consequence of forthcoming “tabdeeli”

or Shaukat Ali Yousafzai’s insulting remarks on unemployed doctors, they have shown some serious inadequacy of poise and foresight.

This time it’s Special Adviser to the Prime Minister on Youth Affairs, Usman Dar who is under fire for his crude remarks against Pashtun vendors.

Talking in a live show on Express News Usman Dar said: “In the end, they [the Azadi marchers] will get the same [returns] as those Pathan [vendors] who roam in streets and sell a blanket worth Rs500 for Rs50.”

PML-N presentative Hina Pervez Butt who was also a guest at the show immediately condemned the statement calling it unfair to outpoint the word Pathan randomly. Dar stayed adamant on his remarks until the host of the show intervened and asked him to take his words back after which he said: ” Alright, I will take my words back”.

As soon as the show’s excerpts went viral, people on twitter started bashing the advisor to the prime minister for his statement.

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“Shame on Usman Dar” became a top trend after the clips of the show went social. Some people demanded an apology and asked for the cancellation of Dar’s party ticket.

Meanwhile some senators have filed a complaint against Usman Dar and asked the matter to be taken to the committee of rules and procedures of the senate.

MNA Mohsin Dawar also condemned Dar’s remarks, calling him out for making fun of Pashtuns who are making an honest living.

Usman Dar’s comments were certainly derogatory and an apology is due. We hope that the government officials will subsequently learn to be more considerate while talking to media in the future.



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