Video: Shell Petroleum Executives Turning Into A ‘Corporate Qabza Mafia’ In Islamabad


Shell Petroleum, a multinational corporate entity turning into a corporate qabza mafia in Pakistan, is being nit-picked vigorously for its onslaught on Rawal Lake Petrol Pump, a privately owned station located at Rawal Chowk Islamabad.

Sources reveal that around 25 armed men stormed the station accompanied by senior management of Shell Oil Company, including its manager north, Saad Ahmed, National sales manager north, Umar Shafqaat, Engineer Shell Salman and Site manager Shell Ijaz Khan.

The armed men had loaded weapons and tried to forcibly seize the site as shown in the video.

The “corporate qabza mafia” also threatened the present site manager to evacuate the station at the earliest. All of this manipulation was carried out early in the morning around 1 a.m. Several eyewitnesses confirmed this act and made videos that are held as proof of the brutality.

The owners of the site took to media in despair over this invasion. They were appalled and devastated by the company’s ferocious behavior.

Umar Shafqaat coerced the owners to sign an agreement whereby unjustly making them leave the station’s ownership.

To add to the misery the law enforcement agencies and police acted as a pawn in the whole scenario.

Being a prominent oil marketing company, such brutality is unbelievable, to say the least. There is a set procedure one is obligated to follow in order to take over any retail station but Shell proved that playing by the law is not their way and hooliganism is a better strategy for it.

Tweeps are raising their voices against this bullying.

The owners revealed that they have had a 50-year partnership with shell and such an act has left wrecked them. Using power and stature for one’s benefit is common in this country but being a multi-national company of such a stature this comes as a shock and is downright disturbing. Setting a precedent of this sort is dangerous for oil dealers and station owners’ security and is detrimental to Shell’s image.


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