“Voters gonna vote – Haters gonna hate”


This was my second personal experience at voting. The first time was in 2013, I reached my polling station then at 8:00 am dot right when the polls were supposed to open however I didn’t get to cast my vote till late afternoon. The entire exercise was shambolic and disorganized so much so that I had to go back again a week later and cast my vote again because the results were considered null and void.


This time however things were different like last time I reached my polling station right around the same time I had five years back. Both the men’s and women’s lines were creeping all the way to the end of the block despite the rush things were moving pretty fast. It was obvious from the get go that things were much better organized this time around. There was a visible security presence both on the outside and the inside of the polling stations, their presence definitely made the entire process more smooth and efficient. I was out within 20-30 mins after arriving at my polling station.

Another positive thing I noted this time around was the fact that people were much more tolerant of each other’s political views. It seems like people are now slowly coming to terms with what democracy really means to them. While waiting to cast my vote I had a brief chat with the uncles in my line, we were all voting for different political parties and candidates but what united us all was the fact that we’d all woken up on this beautiful Wednesday morning to cast our vote. I guess that’s what’s most important after all.

Now let’s just hope the transfer of power to the next government is as smooth as the conduction of this mammoth democratic exercise.

About the Author:

M Bilal Hassan is Doctor by profession who also works as a writer and photojournalist. He enjoys writing about travel, geopolitics and culture.

Email: bilalhassan4688@gmail.com

Instagram: @mystapaki


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