Woman Violently Threatens Traffic Police Official Over A Challan And Its NOT OK!!


The VIP demeanor has always been very prevalent in Pakistan. We often see people using their stature, wealth or their nexus with authorities to get out of legal accountability. Especially when adhering to traffic rules is in question, most of them evade out from them on the basis of their status.

Here is the recent example.

A video of a woman went viral yesterday where she was seen threatening a police officer who had stopped her over breaking a traffic signal in the upscale Defense Housing Authority (DHA), Karachi.

The woman apparently violated the traffic signal and when confronted by the police, she lost her cool. Instead of admitting her mistake, she brazenly threatened the wardens, telling them to stay in their “aukat”.

When the officer told her she had “engaged in signal violation” and would “be fined for it”, she said: “I’ll break your face.”

“You’re jumping the signal and, on top of it, you’re verbally abusing me,” responded the officer, to which she said: “Get out of here, get lost!”

Not only this the woman then dauntlessly fled from the scene while the officials were trying to fine her for the violation.

People have voiced their disapproval for such behavior especially in times when lawlessness is already frequent.

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People also found out who the car belongs to.

Despite all the drama the police have decided to pursue a case against the troublemaker. A First Information Report against the woman has been registered with the Darakshan Police Station.


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