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This Woman Revealed What Females Had To Go Through In Coke Fest Islamabad 2019 & Its Scary!


After Lahore and Karachi, Coke Fest happened in Islamabad too.

Islamabadis were waiting anxiously for the Coke Fest to happen in their city. Although everyone was very excited about it, women ended up being greatly disappointed due to some scary incidents.

A girl who was a witness herself has shared what happened with women at the festival in her post on social media. The post has gone viral and people are extremely furious and disappointed.

Along with the story, she uploaded the photos of the culprit.

We have a few questions from the management of Coke Fest.

Firstly, why these men were allowed to enter when there was a clear policy that stags won’t be allowed at the festival? This means that the the management is responsible for all such kinds of incidents that happened there.

Secondly, if the stags were allowed to enter the festival eventually, there should have been enough security personnel to look after the people specially women and girls. This explains how poorly the event was managed.

Some people on the social media have investigated about the culprit and reportedly he is a personal secretary of Minister Railway Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed. Here is his profile link.

This is how people are responding to the incident.

Chor bhi lagta hai yeh banda!

This is so sad to hear how commonly these incidents happen in our society.

It sure is!