Commandant Officer Reveals That Women Are Recruited In The Indian Forces For Sexual Pleasures!!


Female representation in various professions is now a customary phenomenon. Women have proved their stature as being capable of performing to perfection in all kinds of métier. Even in armed forces, women have proved that they can be as resilient as their male counterparts, shattering all concepts of linking masculinity with warriorhood.

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While the rest of the world including Pakistan is lauding inclusion of women in the imagery of battlefield, this Indian officer revealed another quite shocking purpose of why exactly women are recruited in the Indian forces.

A female officer of India’s Paramilitary Force has made startling revelations on the national television that women are recruited in the forces ‘only for sexual pleasures’. Karuna Jeet Kaur, the Deputy Commandant of the Indo-Tibet Border Police (ITBP), made this claim during an interview.

She being a victim of sexual harassment herself revealed how she was subjected to a physical assault by a junior officer. The constable who tried to abuse her said that I have not touched a women for two years, she said that he was constantly repeating these words and tried to grab her.

She claimed that on complaint no action had been taken against the assaulter till date, while the personnel present at the time of the assault responded coldly and brushed the matter off their shoulders.

She said that the women in the para-military force are inducted only for sexual pleasure. She also revealed that she received harassment calls from the DIG a couple of times and was subsequently sent for a month-long leave.

In 2018 India topped the list of world’s most dangerous countries for women over several factors including sexual violence. This included rape as a weapon of war; domestic rape; rape by a stranger; the lack of access to justice in rape cases; sexual harassment and coercion into sex as a form of corruption.

It is saddening to witness that despite proactive global measures to curb atrocities against women in form of harassment there are still places where they are seen as meat on the plate. We can only hope that this heinousness is stopped soon to make this world a better place for female progression.


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