World’s Most Dangerous Countries List Is Here & Pakistan Is At High Risk!


Khabaardaaar Hoshyaaaaar!

We need you to calm down before we break this news because you won’t like it.

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Pakistan sure has been facing its up and downs due to various factors but we always have believed that Pakistan would get through in time of crisis. Guess we need to put our thinking caps on for what you’re about to hear is not only going to rattle your mind but you might even lose your sanity too.

The world’s most dangerous countries list is here and guess where Pakistan is. If you think that Pakistan isn’t doing all that bad and may be on the average score… We urge you to think again because Pakistan is at HIGH RISK.

Travel Risk Map for 2019 allows travellers and people of all sorts to know which country is it safe for them to travel regarding three main aspects 1) medical 2) road safety 3) security. The map was constructed with the help of medical and security specialists along with International SOS and Control Risks.

Here are the maps where you can see how Pakistan is at high risk:

And another one you can find here.

This does not look good, not only is Pakistan going to be underestimated by the looks of this map but also if this map is taken hold by every tourist there is to who have been wishing to visit Pakistan, we can only think of the uh-ohs that lead on after them rejecting to ever step foot on our land.

We have tourists who have been loving Pakistan and here are some of them who have shown how Pakistan is most certainly a tourist spot where travellers are treated like family:

We are all smiles sunshine!


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The road from Skardu to Gilgit (to the KKH) is currently under construction for a majority of the way and what should only be a 5 hour journey or so can sometimes take more than 10 hours… The road itself hugs the mountain side and takes you through stunning valleys above the river below with steep cliff edges and a very long fall if you you’re not paying attention! I often had to wait while the workers blew up the mountains above which would then cause rockfalls and landslides onto the road and then you have to wait while they clear the road! But I don’t mind waiting as often the friendly workers came over for a chat and selfie!! Loving it! And the severe sunburn I got in Deosai is getting worse…my whole face is in pain and it hurts just open my mouth let alone smile aha! And all my lips have cracked open…arghhh!! (just in case you guys wanted to know) 🤣🤣hahaha It’s my fault for forgetting just how high up I was and not using sunscreen aha! ☀️❄️🇵🇰🤟🏻🏍 • • • • • • #motorcyclephotography #adventurebike #adventurebikerider #overland #aroundtheworld #islamabad #motorcycletravel #lahore #skardu #hondacrf #crf250 #xladv #gopro #bikelife #gilgitbaltistan #pakistanzindabad #onoffadv #northernpakistan #pakistan #karachi #ilovepakistan #travelpakistan #adventure #motorcycle #upshift_online #travelgram #triumph #pakistani #caferacer #travel @hondaukmotorcycles @adventure.spec @michelinmotorcycle @adventuremototouring @adventure_bike_rider @daneclothinguk @danebikewear @giviexplorer @givi_official @givibarcelona @enduristan @enduristanuk @enduristanindia @schuberth_id @schuberthhelmet @dualsportlife @dualsportcanada @dualsportmotorcycles @dual_sport_adv @bigtrailaustria @travelbeautifulpakistan @bikersmotoportuk @kriegausa @ridekriega @kriegaaustralia

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Is Karachi dangerous? 🔥 [Read whole post before commenting] This photo was taken in Lyari. According to public opinion, this is the most dangerous neighbourhood in Karachi, the city which, in turn, is considered to be one of the most dangerous in the world. . But being here for the 4th time is a revelation in the subtle shades of danger. I see clearly that the very concept of danger is highly relative, and highly prone to change. . Take Karachi: many people, even in Pakistan, still see the city as one of the most dangerous in the world. The reality is, yes it was – WAS. According to a recent Crime Index ranking, Karachi is safer than cities like Chicago (USA), Phuket (Thailand) or Darwin (Australia). It took a significant and controversial armed effort to turn Karachi around from the time when the city featured at the top of all “world’s dangerous cities” rankings. But it worked. . Friends in Karachi tell me every day that the city has changed beyond recognition in the last few years. Street crime, which used to be driven by local gangs, hasn’t disappeared completely – but it has gone down visibly. One acquaintance ventured as far as saying that Karachi today is safer than New York City. From a certain viewpoint, yes it might be. . People I met in Lyari told me that they lived through scenes taken from nightmares: drug wars, shootings, death. Things beyond my (privileged) comprehension. Many kids were taken out of school by their parents for fear of becoming collateral damage in street violence. But since Lyari’s “purge” a few years back, some girls are even reclaiming the ability to walk to school on their own. . Danger is loaded word. Some of it exists only in our heads. And some of it may really be out there. . So, here goes: is Karachi dangerous? Okay – I can’t actually answer this question. But I can say that during my first few days here, while on my own and hanging out with locals, I felt safe 95% of the time. Yes, there were a few tense moments when I felt I was in the wrong place. But those were quickly replaced by smiles on people’s faces as I looked around me. . All I know is that Karachi, I’ll keep coming back 💛

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We hope we’ve answered those specialists who think its fit for them to deem us among “World’s Dangerous Countries”.