Year in Review: Here Are Some Of 2018’s Most ‘Haw Haye’ Moments


I think we all agree that this year has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride for all. Especially in the showbiz industry, where a new debacle emerges literally every other day. Now it’s hard to keep track of all that’s going on in the world of entertainment, but we managed to bring back some iconic moments that created a buzz all over the internet.  

Meesha Shafi called Ali Zafar out on harassment 

This #MeToo debacle was one of the happening moments of this year, as Meesha Shafi openly accused Ali Zafar of harassing her multiple times. This revolutionary juncture paved the way for females to speak up and be open about taboo topics, such as harassment. This case, however, has been taken into court and is still awaiting the final verdict.

Celebrities preferred HUM TV Awards over national duty 

The advent of Naya Pakistan brought in many responsibilities, not just on politicians but the citizens as well. But looks like our local celebrities had other plans on the most important day for the country. Many chose to leave for Canada to attend the HUM TV Awards, while some thought it best to prioritize their national duty. Moreover, Farhan Saeed and Imran Abbas even called these celebrities out for taking the country’s future for granted.

Javed Sheikh’s awkward moment caught on camera 

A video from the Lux Style Awards made rounds on the web where Mahira Khan was clearly seen turning away when Javed Sheikh leaned in to kiss her on the cheek. This created an awkward situation publicly, and fans made a joke out of Sheikh on social media. However, Khan was quick to slam down all trolls, calling it silly stuff floating around.

Momina Mustehsan and Ahad Raza Mir destroyed Ko Ko Korina 

I’m sure we all remember the disaster that emerged out of Coke Studio this year. Ahad Raza Mir made his singing debut with Momina Mustehsan, but their rendition of Ko Ko Korina almost made everyone’s ears bleed. Oops.

Zayn Malik bid farewell to Islam 

Zayn Malik’s interview in British Vogue caught a stir amongst his fans, as he expressed his religious views of straying away from Islam. His Muslim fans literally started cancelling him, and it surely wasn’t a pretty sight.

Amir Liaquat’s second marriage made waves 

The loudmouth Mr Liaquat also garnered plenty of attention this year, primarily because of his second marriage. He was heavily criticised for supposedly abandoning his family, and his first wife and daughter also added fuel to the fire by expressing their sorrow over the matter.

Hira Mani spilt dramatic details about her love life 

Hira Mani’s interview with Samina Peerzada came into the spotlight where she was found saying she cheated on her fiancé with current husband Mani, and also stole him from her friend. Many fans took it as her glorifying cheating and called her out on romanticizing her inappropriate behaviour. Not cool, Hira.

Mani mocked the MeToo movement 

Mani found himself in a sticky situation when he supposedly tried to create humour out of the MeToo movement, by making a disgusting personal jab at the movement’s ambassador. The actor later tried to clear up the situation by saying his PR made the post.

Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt’s never-ending wedding

DeepVeer and NickYanka weddings felt feeble in front of Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt’s grand wedding shenanigans. The couple had an array of dazzling events, and then entire affair seemed to go on for weeks, making everyone sick of seeing them all over social media.

Mansha Pasha threw massive shade at Hira Mani, Sadaf Kanwal, and Momina Mustehsan 

Celebs are usually lauded when they speak their mind, but not when their opinions are borderline unacceptable. Mansha Pasha fearlessly set the women in the industry straight by calling them out on their loudmouth behaviour. Wow, we love a badass.

This pretty much sums up all the entertaining shenanigans that took place this year. Did we miss out any of your favourite iconic moments? Let us know in the comments.