Year In Review: Here Are The Top Ten Celebrity Crushes Of 2018!


We’ve spent the year crushing on numerous celebrities and looking at their faces literally fills us with happiness, and a sense of pride that our own homeland DID THAT! With so many gorgeous faces surrounding us, we needed to narrow it down to the best of all, which is the basis of this list. And rest assured, these honourable mentions just keep on strengthening our crushes on them with time. Read on to find out if we missed out on some significant eye candy!

10. Hira Mani

This year reintroduced us to this starlet, and if we keep her marital status aside, she is absolutely crush-material. Giving an inside look on her past on Samina Peerzada’s show, she put herself out there for scrutiny and emerged only stronger and feistier. We can’t wait to see her ethereal charm in Aangan next. 

9. Bilal Abbas Khan

The pretty boy with a gaze that can melt steel, has proved this year that he isn’t all just looks. His acting talent is commendable in Balaa, and has made him a strong contender on this list.  

8. Momina Mustehsan 

This sweetheart has formed a permanent residence in these lists ever since she’s shown her face in the industry. Although her vocals alone are enough to take her forward, it’s her charismatic personality and her social media presence that makes a huge fan favourite, enough to make us let go of her Ko Ko Korina disaster.  

7. Sonya Hussyn

Our local, albeit prettier, version of Priyanka Chopra is gradually proving she can do it all. Showing her acting chops in Meri Guriya, and scoring major style points with her impeccable fashion sense, she is on her way to wow the audience with her Paaro-like vibes in Aangan.

6. Abbas Jafri

One of the sexiest models this industry has produced is now a prominent member of the Provincial Assembly… Literally anything can happen in Naya Pakistan, but our crush over this man of many faces fails to subdue.  

5. Asim Azhar

Making teenage girls go crazy everywhere with his charm and glorious vocals, Asim Azhar is here to stay. From gaining international level success with Jo Tu Na Mila, to walking the ramp at this year’s Bridal Couture Week, he is truly an inspiration, and major crush-goals.

4. Momina Basit

Looks like it’s not just the entertainment industry that has aesthetic to the max. Our political world has some not-so-hidden gems that can give models a run for their money. Momina Basit, PTI’s youngest candidate, is an excellent example of beauty with brains, and has everyone drooling over her allure.  

3. Feroze Khan

Even though he went off the market recently, it doesn’t mean we still can’t have the hots for him. With his boy-next-door looks still intact, he made it so hard for everyone to hate Mir Hadi in Khaani. Because at the end of the day, that damned smile can melt all hearts. 

2. Ahad Raza Mir 

The gorgeous hunk whose face looks like it’s sculpted by Greek gods, was bound to be included in this list. We’re trying to ignore tragic Coke Studio debut with Ko Ko Korina, and keeping our eyes peeled for the handsome and brooding Jameel in Aangan, someone we’d recite poetry for any day.  

1. Iqra Aziz

We’re sure this one comes off as no surprise. Iqra Aziz has made sure her name is on everybody’s lips, and on Google’s most searched names list this year. Also scoring a spot in the Sexiest Asian Women list, she’s here to steal everybody’s thrones. It’s true that beauty comes in all sizes, especially a cutie like Aziz who knows how to stand fierce wherever she is, and make a prominent name for herself in such a short amount of time.    

However, timeless beauties like Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan and so many others will always remain close to our hearts. But did this list do justice to your favourites? Let us know in the comments.