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Zaid Ali Trolls Aiman & Muneeb’s Never Ending Wedding & People Agree With Him


Yeh kesi shadi hai jo khatam he nae hoti? That’s the question everyone has on his mind since Aiman and Muneeb’s wedding started.

Aiman Khan and Muneed Butt decided to take over the internet and post every little detail of their wedding on social media. Initially, people loved it but it didn’t take long everyone started getting annoyed. Instagram ho ya twitter, har jagah he Aineeb chal raha hai. And that has become pretty annoying.

Wedding functions hain k khatam he nae hotay.

Looks like it’s not just us. Zaid Ali, the famous youtube and comedian, have a similar opinion about Aiman and Muneeb’s wedding. This is what he tweeted.

Although, Zaid deleted the tweet right after posting it but, once you have said it on social media there is no going back. No?

Social media agreed to Zaid even though he took his words back. It seems people wanted an opportunity to speak their heart out and Zaid gave it to them. Ever since he tweeted, people are trolling Aiman and Muneeb’s wedding.

Jokes apart, we wish the couple a happy life ahead πŸ™‚